Why FMS?

Structured Academic Approach

Fishburne Military School maintains a traditional education model with every class, every day.At Fishburne Military School our cadets are immersed in 6 academic courses daily, receiving instruction in every subject every day. With an average of 10-12 students per class, no cadet is overlooked in the back of the classroom. “Help Class” is offered following academic classes as an opportunity for students to receive extra guidance and individual instruction as needed in any subject area. Study halls are built into our daily schedule to ensure that cadets have plenty of time to complete assignments and prepare for assessment. Our classroom instructors also serve as athletic coaches and club advisors, affording them additional contact with their pupils and insight into their personalities, learning styles, and needs.


Fishburne Military School enjoys a 100% College Acceptance RateHonor is a personal quality gained and built upon at Fishburne Military School. The presence of this quality in the young cadets who graduate from our school will separate them from many other young men in our society. By accessing this quality our young men will know and be able to discern right from wrong, as well as have the capabilities and training to make decisions when faced with a dilemma that involves integrity, moral courage or loyalty. Honor is and has been the foundation of Fishburne Military School since 1879.


Leadership at Fishburne Military School is about learning to accept instruction, overcome adversity, make positive decisions, and serve others. Every cadet who enters our school will be trained to leadership principles and be afforded opportunities to lead others. He will learn to take initiative and hence gain a doer mentality. Cadets who graduate from Fishburne will be educated, honorable and courageous enabling them to take the moral high ground in the real world. Our cadets will become leaders within their families, careers and communities.

Proficiency Based Math

Fishburne's STEM initiative is bringing science and technology to the forefront of our classroomsThe days of the entire class moving from chapter to chapter as a unit, with students at differing levels of understanding are over at FMS. Cadets will no longer be forced to move on to new concepts without understanding previous ones, nor will cadets be held back from moving through concepts they already understand. All cadets will move through math courses at their own pace of understanding with the help of instructors and online resources. Individual curriculum and instruction allows cadets to build a solid foundation in mathematical concepts and possibly move through multiple courses in a year.


Our JROTC program is fully integrated into our curriculum and daily life at Fishburne Military School. Cadets benefit from Army constructed curriculum that incorporates learning styles, conflict resolution, citizenship, core values, leadership, and more. Our cadets are engaged in community service and military ceremony through this program. Our JROTC programs presents opportunities for cadets to explore competitive teams such as Raiders, Hudgins Rifles Exhibition Drill, and Regulation drill.6. Path to the Service Academies and ROTC scholarships – Fishburne Military School is recognized as an Honor Unit with Distinction within the US Army Cadet Command’s 4th Brigade. This gives students a distinct advantage if applying to any of the US Service Academies or ROTC scholarships. Our Senior Army Instructors nominate students to the US Service Academies every year. In 2017, 7 Fishburne graduates received Army ROTC scholarships.

Commitment to Technology

Fishburne Military School enjoys a 100% College Acceptance RateThe STEM program at Fishburne Military School is always evolving and pushing the limits of what is taught at the middle and high school level. We offer introductory courses for coding and cyber security alongside basic technology study skills, but we do not stop there! We have also added 3D Modelling and Design which includes instruction in, and use of, a 3D printer and an updated curriculum for Advanced Technology. Each of our courses has their own distinct focus, yet all of them tie in to one another. Computer Applications familiarizes students with standard applications and office suite software which will be invaluable throughout their continued education. Finally, we have also begun offering college dual enrollment courses through Blue Ridge Community College. Starting this year, students can take both of the DE courses during the same class period and walk away with 7 college credits! We have also started instruction into CompTIA A+ which helps prepare students to obtain a nationally recognized certification. As new technologies and methods emerge, Fishburne will always find a way to bring it to the classroom.

Athletic participation

Fishburne's size and commitment to fitness means that every cadet has an opportunity to try numerous sportsThe objective of Fishburne Military School Athletics is to teach each cadet the core values of commitment, sacrifice, teamwork and confidence in safe and structured environment while developing them physically, mentally and emotionally. As a private independent boarding school for boys, our Athletic Department place emphasizes on academics, teamwork, self-discipline and good sportsmanship. Athletics is an extension of our classroom, key components of a well-rounded education for each cadet. We offer a variety of sports which includes traditional sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, track and field as well as cross country. In Addition we offer non-traditional JROTC sports such as rifle, raiders, exhibition drill team and regulation drill team.

Diverse Student Population

Students seek us from all walks of life, across the country and from all corners of the globe for our college prep program, and military structure and discipline. The camaraderie of the Corps over arches the cadets’ individual backgrounds, realizing the advantage of experiencing diverse cultures and circumstances. As a result, lasting friendships are forged with a greater understanding of others’ backgrounds and cultures.