Scholarship Funds

Numerous Scholarship Funds have been established at Fishburne Military School in order to help young men and their families make the dream of an FMS education attainable. Below is a list of major Scholarship Funds already established.  If you would like to support a particular fund, just click “Donate” after that fund’s description and put that fund’s name into the “Designation” line on the donation form. 

To learn more about Scholarship Funds at Fishburne Military School, to donate to a Scholarship Fund, or for more information about how to best meet your philanthropic needs, please contact or call (540) 946-7700 ext. 106.

  • General Scholarship Fund – grants need-based tuition assistance to young men who may not otherwise have the resources to attend Fishburne Military School. (Donate)
  • The Alumni Legacy Scholarship – supported primarily by Fishburne alumni for the benefit of Fishburne Alumni Legacies. Legacies are defined as brothers, sons, nephews, step-sons, grandchildren or others who are related to former Fishburne Military School cadets. (Donate)
  • The Michael Woodard (Class of 2007) Memorial Scholarship – awarded by his father and supported by proceeds from an annual 100-mile bicycle trek — Michael’s Ride(Donate)
  • The Geoffrey Robbins II (Class of 1999) Memorial Scholarship – awarded annually to a cadet that exhibits exemplary leadership skills. (Donate)
  • The Kurt S. Loeffler (Class of 2010) Memorial Scholarship – awarded to a cadet whose diligent work throughout the school year exemplifies academic determination and loyalty to the Corps of Cadets. (Donate)
  • The Frances F. and Felix E. Edmunds Endowed Scholarship – award to the cadet who has in all ways exemplified those certain qualities of overall excellence which have clearly contributed to making Fishburne more than just another school. (Donate)
  • The Cadet Major Clifford Keith Mangum (Class of 1989) Annual Memorial Endowed Scholarship – awarded to the cadet whose superior achievement in all areas is based on hard work and dedicated effort. (Donate)
  • The Colonel Robert H. Wease Endowed Scholarship – awarded to an underclassman who demonstrates qualities of scholarship, determination, discipline, and dignity. (Donate)
  • The Colonel Edward Powell Childs, Jr. Endowed Scholarship – established to honor the memory of Colonel Childs who served Fishburne over forty years as Instructor, Headmaster and Superintendent Emeritus. Awarded to a cadet showing a commitment of the Fishburne way of life and embodies the spirit of caring for others. (Donate)
  • The Alexander Moore Bayer Memorial Endowed Scholarship – awarded to the cadet who reflects the courage, patriotism, purpose, and love of others that characterized the all-too-brief life of Fishburne’s 2001 Battalion Commander, an Apache attack helicopter pilot whose service as chief warrant officer int eh United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division epitomized the qualities we honor in the best of our citizens, soldiers, athletes and loyal alumni. (Donate)