Fishburne Military School Raiders

FMS Raiders Lead the Way

The Fishburne Military School Raiders are a team unlike any other. Raiders master the art of teamwork and compete in a variety of events during each Raider Meet. From the 5K Road March and Fitness Tests to Litter Carry Races and Vehicle Pulls, Fishburne Military School’s Raiders depend upon one another for success and strive every year to be the best. Concentrating on physical endurance, skilled maneuvers such as One-Rope-Bridge, and military precision, the Raiders have been recognized as “Best of the Best” within US Army Cadet Command’s 4th Brigade for the last three consecutive years.


  • Sept. 15 @ Massanutten Military Academy Tethered 1 mile run, Full Course & FLRC
  • Sept. 29 @ Orange County – TPFC vs PT test, 5K 1st event (PHOTOS)
  • Oct. 5-6 @ Carroll County – Raiders on the New River
  • Oct. 13 @ Harrisonburg High School
  • Oct. 20 @ Riverside High School, Belle WV (BOB Qualifier)
  • Oct. 27 (H) Fishburne Military School Raider Meet
  • Nov. 17 @ Raider North –( BOB Qualifier)
  • Feb. 23 @ Bedford County
  • March 16 @ Magna Vista – TPFC vs PT test, 5K 1st event (BOB Qualifier)
  • April 13 @ Magna Vista – Best of the Best TPFC vs PT test, 5K 1st event